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)When you are sick and feeling poorly, do you like to be alone or do you like tobe pampered and have someone close to your side most of the time?Do you think you would prefer a calm, loving, consistent marriage or one thatwas full of excitement, wild times and rocky patches?What makes you feel secure and safe?What rituals could be added to our relationship on a daily, weekly, monthly andyearly basis that would help us to remain close?Do you need to hear “I love you” or similar words on a regular basis from yourpartner?Which do you think should have the final say in decisions – logic or emotions?Why?What five things have you done in your life that you are most proud of?If your partner had an affair, how would you react? Could you forgive him orher?Over the last five 1000 questions for couples read online years how do you think you have changed for the worse?Better?On which topics do you feel qualified at giving advice?If you could live one year of your life all over again without changing a thing,what year would you choose? Why?Do you prefer receiving expensive gifts or ones that come from the heart?What first attracted you to me? How has that one attraction changed since then?If you suddenly became blind, how would your idea of the perfect mate change?Are you currently comfortable with your body? If not, what would you change tomake you comfortable?What do you think are your optimum hours of sleep to be fully energized?If you could plan any vacation for us, where would it be?Is there anyone you would be willing to die for?If your dear friends wanted you to donate sperm or eggs because they wereinfertile, would you do so? How would you feel about your mate doing so? Whatabout donating them for a couple that would remain anonymous?Do you believe there is one right person for you out there in the world or thatthere can be many different potential mates that you could live blissfully with?If you had to pick a different city to live in with your sweetheart andproximity to family and friends didn’t matter, which city would it be?If you had to take a paid sabbatical and couldn’t work for an entire year, whatwould you most like to do?If someone wanted to give you a $50 gift certificate to use on yourself, whichstore/theatre/spa would you tell him or her you wanted.

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Constitution requires a state to license a marriage between two people of the same sex and to recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex when their marriage was lawfully licensed and performed out-of-state. Other states, such as Wisconsin, have adopted variations of the community-property laws. If you and your partner answer these 1000 questions, I guarantee that you will know each other better and will be more passionately connected than 99% of other couples on the face of the earth. pagamos a nuestros afiliados 70% de comision mas regalos por ventas. In getting along with your life with your partner, you should ask many questions about career, money, children, child rearing, morals, personality, past and present relationships, beliefs and conviction and also sex. So you rephrase the question or maybe ask a less threatening question. If you already know about 500 intimate questions for couples and you are looking for access to the website, kindly click on the link provided below. .