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Anal sex with niece

She was a second away from orgasm when I surprised her and she jumped, but the start I gave her induced her orgasm and she stared at me, went cross-eyed, and said "Hunca! But then she shocked me. As she struck a pose for the mirror, Karen squealed. I told her in short what anal meant. After a minute she released me from her mouth and sat staring at the object of her newfound obsession for a few moments. We turned away from the hot tub and went back into the house and then to the guest room where Karen sleeps when she visits. Look I know I'm being kinda pushy and If you're committed to your girlfriend I respect that. She is now I guess I fell asleep for a few minutes but still with a hard-on because next thing I knew jill was straddling me and suddenly I felt my cock slide into her hot wet pussy. Why is it Anal sex with niece

Anal sex with niece

Anal sex with niece

Anal sex with niece

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    There was no question about it, at least from what I could see in her mid-length skirt, she had a perfectly round, small but plump little butt, and a tiny waist. So I had to demonstrate. Karen moaned loudly as ever so slowly I pressed my hard cock inch by inch into her rectum until my own pubic hair was flush against her ass.

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    And this is your asshole that I am pressing against right? I wanted her to really enjoy her first anal fucking and I wanted her to like it so much that she would come back to me for more over and over again. People can hardly tell that I am her uncle.

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    I coaxed Karen to get up on her knees on the bed like a cat in heat. She immediately relaxed her anal muscles. Then I noticed the few wispy pubic hairs poking out the sides of the tiny triangular patch covering her pussy.

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    Then at the point when I felt she could stand it no longer I pushed my tongue under the hood and made momentary contact with her clit and that was it She started convulsing repeatedly as if she were being given electric shocks. She looked so beautiful and serene I felt totally satisfied just to have satisfied her even though I had a throbbing hard on that was ready to burst.

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    I could feel the heat of her pussy on my leg through my pants but I kept my cock down against my leg so as to not surprise her. By now she was already done with her email and logged out. Almost Tawny's age.

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