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Bollywood chudai pics

I was done with mopping the hall and took the mop back to the bathroom. I was ashamed but overwhelmed with excitement. In a few seconds I was down to my birthday suit. When at home I normally wear saree during the day and if I don't have plans to go out, I don't bother wearing panties or bra. I shifted uncomfortably and brought my thighs together. While still looking at my face. He recovered, held the stool with his hands, and got up all the while, eyes riveted inside my saree until he was UP beyond that point and once again, stood at my waist level. She is sitting nude on the table and her BF is inserting big cock in her pussy and fucking it harder. I was trying to concentrate. I lifted my hands to clean the fan while he was holding the stool. This was turning me on too, quite a bit. Bollywood chudai pics

Bollywood chudai pics

Bollywood chudai pics

Bollywood chudai pics

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    I walked quickly to the door hoping that it was my husband who returned early.

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    I told him that I needed to clean the fan as it is quite dirty too and switched off the fan, Placed the stool underneath the ceiling fan. I looked at him now, for the first time in detail.

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