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Verizon Wireless Trade-in Scam & Life Lessons

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Verizon wireless phone trade in status

If you're already signed in to My Verizon, skip to step 3. When I trade in my device, should I send the battery, charger and other accessories? Click See instructions below to learn how. What if I misplaced the shipping materials sent to me for trading in my device? What can I do? When you receive your return shipping materials, simply follow the enclosed instructions to send us your device. If you have some things you'd like to save, tap Backup Then Erase. Promotional offers vary. It's just a few steps for each. Select the device you want to trade in from the dropdown menus. If the appraised device is in better condition than expected, well issue an account credit for the difference. If we receive your device after 30 days, you'll still see the chargeback on your bill for the items you purchased with instant credit. What happens once I send my device to the Device Trade-in Program? Some devices earn an account credit or Verizon Wireless Gift Card. You can find the submission ID for your request in the confirmation email. Verizon wireless phone trade in status

Verizon wireless phone trade in status

Verizon wireless phone trade in status

Verizon wireless phone trade in status

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