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Boobs like melons

Chest exercises such as press ups, overhead press and triceps dips will help to tone the chest and shoulder area, but the key message when it comes to keeping your breasts at their best is to invest in a decent sports specific bra. Go to www. As a consequence, Tesco, Britain's biggest supermarket chain, has asked its suppliers to grow smaller melons after focus groups of shoppers revealed that shoppers subconsciously selected fruit according to the trend in breast size. So why is it that less than half of all women wear a sports bra when training? The larger and heavier your breasts, the more likely you are to do permanent damage to the Coopers Ligaments, causing your once pert boobs to creep down south. Personal trainer and Pilates teacher. A Tesco spokesman yesterday said the findings surprised him but insisted that the sales results spoke for themselves. Most of the women believed that the modern obsession with small-breasted models made it more 'comforting' to choose smaller melons. Which leads me onto sports bras! These ligaments are not like the normal, tough ligaments you might find in your legs, and they can very easily be over-stretched, and once stretched they are stretched for good. After investigating a marked drop in melon sales, a retail psychologist's report for Tesco suggested that the modern preference for smaller breasts, as modelled by the likes of the superwaif Kate Moss, is informing customers' decisions to reject larger melons. There are many on the market, but I have found that some do nothing more than flatten your boobs whilst still allowing bounce, so my advice is to try before you buy. Share via Email The supermarket psychologists who brought us the theories of trolley daze and aisle alignment, who calculate the relative spend increase induced by the smell of freshly baked bread, have surpassed themselves: Personally, I like mine strapped down so there is virtually no movement, and I have found the Shock Absorber range to be the best for me. The theory was then tested by the retail psychologist, who found that seven out of 10 women questioned agreed that breast size was 'the most likely subconscious factor when selecting size of melon'. Boobs like melons

Boobs like melons

Boobs like melons

Boobs like melons

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