Is the government still shut down US gov't shutdown: How long? Who is affected? Why did it begin?

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The government shutdown: How we got here

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Is the government still shut down

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has called the wall "immoral". While estimates vary widely, evidence suggests that shutdowns tend to cost, not save, money. In , states were forced to front the money for formula grant programs such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families cash welfare. On January 25 - 35 days into the shutdown - Trump announced he had reached a tenative deal with congressional leaders to reopen the government for three weeks while talks on the border wall continued. The same agencies that were shut down in January would shut down again. Davids explained that federal funds that go to tribal communities for services such as ploughing roads and healthcare have stopped due to the shutdown. Instead, they said they are willing to fund security measures that do not include the wall. So far, Congress has enacted five appropriations bills covering three-quarters of discretionary funding. In , the Environmental Protection Agency halted site inspections to 1, different sites that included hazardous waste, drinking water, and chemical facilities, and the Food and Drug Administration delayed almost inspections. For more information, see the following: Neither proposal was able to attain the 60 votes needed for passage. If talks failed after those three weeks, Graham said, Trump could go ahead and declare a national emergency to bypass Congress and get money for the wall. Is the government still shut down

Is the government still shut down

Is the government still shut down

Is the government still shut down

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    In total, Congress funded the first three months of that fiscal year with 21 continuing resolutions.

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    Schumer added that his caucus would "very seriously" consider such a bill and Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn said "I don't know anybody on the Hill that wants a shutdown, and I think all the president's advisers are telling him this would not be good. It was the most recent of a "series of standalone appropriations measures" the House sent to the Senate. FY

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    Pelosi said Trump "must stop holding the American people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis and must reopen the government".

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