Cinefamily scandal Newly-Launched Fairfax Theater Will Take Over Silent Movie Theatre from Cinefamily — Report

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Brie Larson Upset With Cinefamily Sexual Harassment Allegations --

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Cinefamily scandal

It encouraged anyone who experienced harassment at Cinefamily to get in touch via email or to contact the LAPD directly. It is alarming that fake allegations with no proof instantly did so much damage. Instead, it attracted a younger, wider and equally male-female audience. The French film series known as La Collectionneuse that screened at the Cinefamily has also moved east, relaunching at the Zebulon venue. Fairfax Ave. Cinefamily shut down temporarily in order to investigate the claims and now, as a result of the investigation, will dissolve completely. Advertisement The building is owned by brothers Dan and Sammy Harkham, who bought it in and co-founded the Cinefamily along with Belove. Advertisement Note: She was hired in November and fired seven months later, according to the lawsuit she filed in June Former Cinefamily board member Shadie Elnashai has posted a statement following the investigation. Cinefamily scandal

Cinefamily scandal

Cinefamily scandal

Cinefamily scandal

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    As previously reported in The Times , in late August anonymous emails accusing members of Cinefamily leadership of sexual harassment, a toxic working environment and, most seriously, rape, circulated online. Pogue claims she, too, was physically assaulted by Belove, for what she alleges was an equally minor provocation:

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    I am not a violent person. Instead, in the wake of a scandal, the board of directors of the Cinefamily has decided to permanently shut down the organization and dissolve the board.

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