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How is it treated? Action Step: For example, Toyota enhanced the appeal of its hybrid Prius by outfitting the vehicle with internal-combustion and self-charging electric engines—reducing required behavioral changes. To sum up, consumers overvalue the existing benefits of an entrenched product by a factor of three, while developers overvalue the new benefits of their innovation by a factor of three. For that reason, the small island nation of Iceland is at the forefront of developing a fuel cell society. The telephone changed how we interact with others, the automobile transformed the way we deal with distances, and the PC revolutionized the way we work. A good leader is a person who takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less than his share of the credit. February , Written Assessment: Another option is for a company to seek out consumers who prize the benefits they could gain from a new product or only lightly value those they would have to give up. In study after study, when researchers presented people with evidence that they had irrationally overvalued the status quo, they were shocked, skeptical, and more than a bit defensive. Avoid depleting your resources too quickly. This article presents a behavioral framework that explains why so many products fail and outlines some actions that companies can take to improve their chances of success. Www xvideos org

Www xvideos org

Www xvideos org

Www xvideos org

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