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How to send an INTERAC e-transfer : Email Money Transfer

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Stores that take interac online

Should you wish to use a gift card as a tender type in conjunction with a credit card, be sure to enter your gift card as the first step in your payment options at checkout prior to entering your credit card information. Your order is not accepted until it is shipped. This charge is a pre-authorization hold and will be automatically removed from your account according to your credit card issuer's policy. Whereas a compromised credit card is basically cutting up your old card and getting a new number. Entering an incorrect billing address may also cause the payment to fail - please ensure the billing address is entered exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. You may also return by mail for a refund in the form of original payment. PayPal Warehouse One gift cards Please note that we can only accept multiple tender payment when a Warehouse One gift card is used in combination with a credit card. Simply follow the steps at checkout. Can I make payments in any currency? Any inquiries about the removal of the Interac Online functionality should be directed to your financial institution. This includes losses resulting from technical errors, system problems or fraud. How do I use it? Click here to find a participating merchant. Never give your main banking info online, if it gets compromised you are totally screwed bigtime, and imagine the headache having to change your bank account with all the other tied accounts. Are there any fees to use it? In cases where you wish to use a Warehouse One gift card as a tender type, customers may choose to use multiple gift cards. You will receive a confirmation screen when the payment is authorized. Stores that take interac online

Stores that take interac online

Stores that take interac online

Stores that take interac online

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