How to fix orange hair Oops! Color Treatment Gone Wrong: How to Fix Orange Hair

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How to fix orange hair

Luckily, it's easy to prevent brassy hair by avoiding the following: You might have to tone your hair more than once to get desired results. In fact, if you try to bleach very dark hair, the chances are that 8 out of 10 times you will end up with brassy hair. Toners are not only for blondes. Part your hair into thin sections that are easy to cover. Most toners need to be mixed with a volume 10 or 20 developer, which is less damaging to freshly bleached hair. They turn bleached hair into ashy, dusty or platinum blondes instead of brassy oranges. What is brassy hair? A lighter tone gives you more control over the toning process and you're not rushing to rinse it out two minutes after applying it. We read the instructions on the happy hair color box three times each. But the art of hair coloring is not that simple. Brassiness has two primary causes—loss of color and buildup. How to fix orange hair

How to fix orange hair

How to fix orange hair

How to fix orange hair

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