Sims 2 alien abduction cheat Whats the cheat to get abducted by aliens on sims 2?

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Sims 4 Alien Abduction & alien pregnancy

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Sims 2 alien abduction cheat

Then go to the house of the sim that you want to have abducted by aliens. If the Special Event Camera is enabled, the Sim's return will trigger a cutscene. PatchesSim2 has uploaded the Pollination Technician used in the game to father all alien children. Live Mode 5. Abducted by aliens, 1, awarded. Only teen or older Sims can be abducted. I think that's what has to happen- you can't have the sim not using the telescope when putting in the command. The Sims 4: As far as just getting my sim alien-pregnant, the Simblender seems to work, but I had been trying to test the abduction action because the Simblender would always impregnate my sim with the same alien, and I'm trying to see if I can see some of the other aliens' offspring from my Multi-PT hack. User Info: You will be abducted and will walk like a zombie. Cheat Gnome: Get how to remotely hack an iphone 5c of the. It also will not result in the Sim having the memory of alien abduction, but will still result in pregnancy for male adult Sims 6 or more days away from the elder stage. Otherwise, the UFO will appear, hover above the street, and unceremoniously drop the Sim onto the street. Sims 2 alien abduction cheat

Sims 2 alien abduction cheat

Sims 2 alien abduction cheat

Sims 2 alien abduction cheat

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