How do you measure your vertical jump How to Calculate Vertical Jump

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Vertical Jump Protocol

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How do you measure your vertical jump

You can learn more about this kind of training in our Ultimate Jump Guide. To measure the vertical jump with an vertec, the athlete first has to push aside as many vanes as possible while standing flat-footed. Subtract the height of your highest jump by your standstill reach. Devices based on United States Patent , "A vertical jump testing device comprising a plurality of vertically arranged measuring elements each pivotally mounted Make note of how high you can reach. Now you can read your vertical jump height by looking at the ink stains on the measuring tape. Just bend your knees, jump as high as you can and make a mark on the wall. It lingers for up to 3 times as long as muscle fatigue, meaning recovery could take up to a week. Don't worry too much about how you rate - just try and improve your own score. Usually 3 jumps are used though some tests use 5 jumps. You can do it at home, on the court or in the park. Do this standstill jump 2 more times for a total of 3 jumps. Measurement and Calculation: How do you measure your vertical jump

How do you measure your vertical jump

How do you measure your vertical jump

How do you measure your vertical jump

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    Start by standing side on to a wall and reach up as high as you can with the hand closest to the wall. Swing with both arms Swinging with both arms during the upward jump motion has been found to produce a more powerful jump as you can take advantage of extra momentum.

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