Biggest rivalry in sports The greatest rivalries in the history of sports

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10 Biggest Sporting Rivalries

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Biggest rivalry in sports

Tom Brady For quarterback vs. Read More Tiger Woods vs. Fans separated at an Old firm derby in Glasgow, Scotland. Floyd Mayweather vs. What makes this derby and rivalry even more intense is that each team calls the same stadium home San Siro , making matches even more intense. Man U matchup is now played every year at lunchtime to assuage fans' excess drinking. Frequently marred by riots and dating back all the way to , the rivalry between Celtic F. Navratilova flourished on grass. Lakers Mark L. Celtics The definitive NBA rivalry, the league's two most storied franchises have faced off in 12 Finals, dating as far back as and most recently in In top-flight Italian football, Inter have maintained a slight edge over their inter-city rivals. Privately, they had been friends before their first match in , but that changed after Ali—both an outspoken champion of black power and a master of gaining psychological advantage—went to great lengths to depict Frazier, who was largely silent on the issue of civil rights , as a patsy for the white establishment. Auburn The rivalry to end all rivalries in North American sports: Joe Frazier The best part of any rivalry is the sense of dislike between two individuals or two teams, but in the case of Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, there entire rivalry was based around their hatred for one another. Obscene, if you are not a Duke or UNC fan. Biggest rivalry in sports

Biggest rivalry in sports

Biggest rivalry in sports

Biggest rivalry in sports

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    The series had been dominated in the two past decades by Navy, who won 14 straight times in the rivalry, but Army has won the last two contests. The rivalry is also very complex, and race is part of the story. When Kiwis performed their Haka, the traditional war dance performed before matches, Australians responded with a doctored video where New Zealand players were all shown wearing purses while undertaking the dance.

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