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French girls room

The pink vertical stripes sets a stylish effect in this bedroom and provide the place with perky and girly vibe, while the black floral print on the bedding strikes on the pink shade of the wall and creates chic ambiance. To recap, we started off by scraping ceilings and installing the prettiest millwork ever. Cottage Market This an authentic French Cottage inspired bedroom with a distinctive colors scheme. I was only left with a few inches of it when all was said and done. Instead of painting your walls, leave them white and let your decor do the talking, and you'll achieve a chic and fuss-free-looking space. Paris Decor How adorable is this charming Paris themed bedroom for girls? The mural of a headboard on the both beds add an interesting appearance and yet eh dazzling mural of the Eifel Tower sets the French setting in this bedroom. Parisian Girls Room: Thank you! So fancy and So French, is this bedroom with striped pink walls decorated with adorable portraits of French Poodle, so adorable, right? So, with some new wall treatments, lighter paint and updated furnishings — this French Cottage girls bedroom feels like a completely new space! Mix and match pieces. The Fabricut velvets we used Boutique 42 on the inside and Rivoli Plum on the outside are like butter and the contrast of the Plum on the outside brings so much sophistication and drama to the lighter tones going on. The valued canopy bed with vintage and splendid nature is setting the bold theme in the bedroom and the blend of glamorous decorative accessories such as the chandelier add the French glamour in the room. French girls room

French girls room

French girls room

French girls room

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    Project Nursery Here is another royalty French bedroom, decorated with a pastel color scheme and a lot of a silky and class materials and texture. Poshtots This shared bedroom with incredible soft appearance is decorated in a really profound and sophisticated taste, so you can either notice classy and royalty ambiance but also the sweet girly feel is captured on a genius way. So, with some new wall treatments, lighter paint and updated furnishings — this French Cottage girls bedroom feels like a completely new space!

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    They are the perfect shade of pink and could not feel more heavenly. I asked her if she could add a base so I could display the butterfly on a tabletop and she delivered beautifully.

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    When you walk with a heavy foot they cling together a bit, making the prettiest sound.

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    The bedding is made up of beautiful layers of pastels and textures.

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