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It was slightly hyper real and I had Funkmaster Flex there, who’s an amazing DJ from HOT 97, because I wanted that authentic vibe, but I also created something with the signage and all that. Some of you train 2, 3 and 4 X a week just on your sport. It means that we may receive cash compensation in case you make a purchase from any of the links. When you don’t have time to get outside but still need to train your cardiovascular anaerobic and aerobic systems, then you can head over to your gym and hit the treadmill for anyone of these 4 challenging treadmill sprint intervals. Not all of us can be blessed to have trainers that schedule your weekly workouts, tell you exactly what and when to eat or how to prepare you for a fight. I highly doubt Jay cares about a Dipset reunion in 2015. Whether artists go right off the dome, kick something they plan on using later, or a combination of both, rappers always bring their A-game for Flex.

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Due to the success of that programming, in the spring of 1992 Funkmaster Flex began mixing and hosting his own show, a specialized rap program on Hot 97. Although Future hails from Atlanta, he is no funk flex quotes stranger to NY radio. RSS RSS is a regularly updated summary of events that can be viewed through an RSS reader, along with links to full versions of events. Last year's effort "The Tunnel" with Big Kap also impressed me slightly more, but if it's the newest and hottest sounds you're looking for then Volume 4 is not a bad place to start at all. gmathart2 : Flex going crazy rite now welcome back hov lol y'all thought meek wasn't coming back 45 say no more thanks fab. Not only did a bullet graze him last night at the shoot out that took place on Wednesday (May. Flex loudly says that Meek is going to premiere his response on his show, which entices many people to listen to terrestrial radio for the first time in years.

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