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And after a new GM stepping in and a series. Learn more??!?!?!??!?! I honestly thought he was bigger than this. Funkmaster flex is the premier radio personality on New York' Hot 97, he' been #1 in his time slot since the day he went on the air eight years ago. I wanna let your fans know, my fans know, my family, your family. I'm putting him on blast because I've personally witness him start war between two creatives from the same culture so he could benifit. Not wanting to waste these A bars, portions of the session were later used in songs like "Most Kingz", "Operation Corporate Takeover", and his collaboration with Coldplay "Lost ". At 40 years old I can say I am in the best shape of my life. Really? Only one person has mentioned him saying "nigga". Following the release of the album, she was featured on a remix for labelmate Lil' Mo's track "Gangster", and Nina Sky 's hype single "Time to Go".

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During his childhood he did deal with his absence as his dad was incarcerated. On Wednesday night, Atlanta rapper T. When there is no one to guide you or you get conflicting training info you tend to revert back to the only type of training you know and that’s traditional bodybuilding style weight training. I dont have a problem with Khaled and not just because of DJ favortism but because he has the uncanny ability and ear to put together great projects and epic songs. This includes outstanding freestyles, mad rhymes, tight beats and impromptu shout outs. This entry is from Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed encyclopedia. The 42-year-old deejay was arrested inside his 2011 Chevrolet Camaro near the couple's Ardsley home. Lebron posted a cartoon depiction of himself in . But June has not been a good month for 2 Chainz according to authorities he and his entourage was robbed at gun point in San Francisco. It debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 which later peaked at number one.

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The original striped tee gets updated with contrast sleeves, chest pocket and neck. Hes is like the culture vultures Dimwitted assistant that does what he's told. DJ Khaled didn't mince words when he heard Rick Ross' first album, he said it was awful, but his brutal honesty inspired Rick Ross to step up his game in a big way. Despite constant critiques from everywhere for the old man to step down, and give the younger people a shot he decided to stay where he was. *[Pusha T:]Malice found religion, Tony found prisonI'm just tryna find my way up out this fucking kitchenA Birdseye view got me channeling my visionTurn one to two now the kilo's got a siblingFather knows best, wash my hands, all's forgivenWe kicking up dust like the Colosseum floorsWalls full of safe's like they mausoleum doorsPussy getting wet like she walking funk flex record pool through my morgueGrant's, Jackson's, no room for GeorgeYeah, the fear of God's in you motherfuckersThis art imitate my lifeYour WorldStarHipHop fame based off imitation whiteEliminate the fools ghouling imitation iceMy music's for your soul, inspiration for your lifeEvery dime made in his life more disastrousHelp my young bitch see her way through her bachelorsWhile my old bitch went back to get her MastersSame graduation, I was clapping in the raftersThe truth hurts every time it's revealedWhat goes around comes around, this is life's Ferris wheelGrab hold and reverse the steering wheel as I parallel parkKentucky derby on the grillThe fact that I'm free let's me know God is greatTen year marathon of me selling concentrateThese rappers talk crowns but I'd rather talk fearVillain like Candyman, say my name and I'll appearNo weapon formed against me shall prosperHakuna matata, feet up, sipping javaEy yo, strolling up the totem pole, what's my only problem?Scrolling through my Rolodex, who shall bed my toddler?So many hands raised as the band playsI'm here now, watch how many niggas plans change[Kanye West:]And eventually answers to the call of AutumnAll of them fallin' for the love of ballin'Got caught with 30 rocks, the cop look like Alec BaldwinInter century anthems based off inner city tantrumsBased off the way we was brandedFace it, Jerome get more time than BrandonAnd at the airport they check all through my bagAnd tell me that it's randomBut we stay winning, this week has been a bad massageI need a happy ending and a new beginningAnd a new fitted and some job opportunities that's lucrativeThis the real world, homie, school finishedThey done stole your dreams, you dunno who did itI treat the cash the way the government treats AIDSI won't be satisfied til all my niggas get it, get it?I need more drinks and less lightsAnd that American Apparel girl in just tightsShe told the director she tryna get in a schoolHe said "take them glasses off and get in the pool"It's been a while since I watched the tubeCause like a crip said, "I got way too many blues for any more bad news"I was looking at my resume feeling real fresh todayThey rewrite history I don't believe in yesterdayAnd what's a black Beatle anyway, a fucking roach?I guess that's why they got me sitting in fucking coachMy guy said I need a different approachCause people is looking at me like I'm sniffing cokeIt ain't funny anymore try different jokesTell 'em hug and kiss my ass, X and OKiss the ring while they at it, do my thing while I got itPlay strings for the dramaticAnd end all of that wack shitAct like I ain't had a belt in two classesI ain't got it I'm going after whoever who has itI'm coming after whoever.

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