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that's wat I'm going for #MONSTER2. The discussion largely centers on Flex's mastery of the "digital space" (a phrase he uses nine times in the interview, and about as many times in the rant), especially in terms of his own site, In Flex We Trust , and his then-new app . "Flex was sure to give Dash props for his work in the New York during the 1990s, building Roc-a-Fella at a time when Puffy Daddy's Bad Boy Records ruled the city. Making foul *** comments about Faith. We lost Biggie Smalls because of that feud and that's all that really matters to a lot of us. i wont lie i have no idea what the hell he does exactly lol and im not a dj khaled stan, but he brought unity back to hiphop. At 40 years old I can say I am funk flex restraining order in the best shape of my life. There were a few down falls, his best friend passed away and his father died.

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Conversely, eating the wrong foods can be a detriment to your training program and can hinder your overall performance. Now go for the floater with this beyond-basic pocket tee. Newly engaged couple Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian seem to be settling into their new life quite nicely as the two await the arrival of their baby. This boy, displays after all these years of spinning and crafting his occupation, that he can still hold it down with latest styles and regimes. It is our mission to help, educate and motivate combat athletes like yourself so you can achieve extraordinary strength and conditioning in order to help you become and Elite Combat Fighter. As long as they make money off it. In late 2015-16, a number of Snapchat videos of Khaled's detailing his "key to success" received significant attention on the internet due to his larger than life persona. In the beginning, you could see Flex was possibly a tiny bit skeptical, but he came around quickly.

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This is Photoshop's version of Lorem Ipsum. The show documented the subculture of cars popular in hip hop culture. When there is no one to guide you or you get conflicting training info you tend to revert back to the only type of training you know and that’s traditional bodybuilding style weight training. Contrast sleeves, pocket and crew neck. We all lead busy lives, whether it’s school, work, family or appointments that we have to attend along with our training. yeah you don't stopYou won't quit, Jay-Z drop shit like thisAiyyo, my records sell cause I was born to do itKick that Willie shit well, cause I'm really gonna do itThe voice of the hustlers, who else gon do it?Most niggas is locked or in the box with embalming fluidThat's how I get it locked when I come through in the VYou rap niggas on the radio don't do it for meInsert the removable face, place the CDYour Prince, cause you rap dudes don't make senseTalk about bitten linesNigga I did ery bit of crime that I writ in mineRan so much coke, I could shit a dimeAnd this is way back when, way before your bullshit was signedTryin to indirectly, effect me, directlyCareful what you wish for, Jigga get rawNigga I'm straight gutta, let me remind youAct like you, out of your mind, I put your mind out of youI do anything when I put my mind to itA whole lot more when I put the nine to itI flow shit blow shit smash shit tow shitOn some sho' shit hose it down totally and you knows this manKeep niggas in awe with the old shitNo shit, and I don't give a fuck who you go getI fold shit like poker, smack em aroundOn some Joe Schmoe shit, I back your whole click down what?Frito Lay rappers I slay for play, tell meWho in your circle could fuck around with Jay?No mo' shit, Cristals get dough shitShoot my pistals on the reg, I'm on some double-fo' shitBout to drop a jewel and make po-po sickI only the respect feds, beat cops know shitI'm pro slick, the dopest nigga to your brain, the comatose shitCause after all, what's my name, oh shit!Yeah Funk Flex and uh, we don't stopY'all wanna rhyme like me, wanna dime like meEvery Tom, Dick and Harry wanna ride my mamiDrink Cristal, play diamonds in his wristalSell fish scale, y'all niggas love this styleWannabe players, Jay-Z's offic-ialBeen through out, I could tell you what to do and how to do itFoundation is layed, we can take this to the top babygirlIf you're not afraid, the world is watchinMost certainly, clowns wanna get up in your drawersThink they hurtin me, ha hahI keep you ill and traced out, tennis brace styleCartier watch my diamond face styleCrib on the coast, marble floors laced outChase you upstairs singing 'Let's Play House'Drop a seed in her, little life to breathe in herWanna boy so to be sure, I OD'd in herHis days are laced in Caesar LeguarsAll the chicks jealous at the baby showersBeatch!How we do, Funk Flex, yeahBrooklyn.

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