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The third (and final, according to the album's subtitle) chapter of New York DJ Funkmaster Flex's mix albums is the best of the bunch, a gritty combination of old- (A Tribe Called Quest, House of Pain, Naughty By Nature) and new-school rappers (Missy Elliott, Wu-Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes). And as far as Envy is concern??? Let's be real. oh ok the edited it really good none of those stupid tags i didnt realize that was even the same song that shit gone be crazy as heck an that proves its already out because in the snippet that we got was totally different part then at the beginning of the video smdh they just making us wait for no reason. It's a little hard to parse exactly how this relationship deteriorated from Flex's outburst last night, but there's a lot of fun to be had in trying: You really should treat yourself to the full rant to truly appreciate the gravely menace of his words, not to mention the dozens and dozens of deployments of his trademark sound effect .

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I think 50 was holding Buck Back, if yo notice Buck keeps looking at 50 and at one point before he grabbed the mic He said something like just a little one fif? They got lotts of interviews left and he's probably saving material. "Drake's remained silent about the allegation -- except for a comment to a friend on social media . The mark of a good fighter is how strong their core and abs are. We spotted these silk Chanel Jackets for around 500$USD, its rare you find someone with one of these gems but hit the jump to check out. Because Flex is the DJ/announcer and a fighter in Def Jam Vendetta, should any player fight with him in any venue, there'd literally be no other announcer speaking before, during or even after any fight Flex himself is in. In late 2015-16, a number of Snapchat videos of Khaled's detailing his "key to success" received significant attention on the internet due to his larger than life persona.

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Given the number of reunions over the last couple of years ( I see you G-Unit ), it makes sense that the Dipset would eventually return to grace us with their mink expertise—oh yeah, and new music. Forget mixtapes and albums, some of the hottest verses in hip hop come right from the offices of Hot 97 via Funkmaster Flex.