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Maybe if y'all copied everything I was doing with the app, your app wouldn't have crashed the day your album dropped. "If anything, and I can only speak for myself, I think that I’m trying to do it like DJ Quik did it, or Ice Cube did it, but this is just my way of doing it therefore I guess it’s natural. After months of waiting for the inevitable, it looks like Grand Central is pretty much in its final stages of demotion and will officially be replaced by super expensive. Since then, he has continued to create chart-topping hits and selling millions of copies of his albums. The workouts include Combo Building Drills, Power Circuits, Kicking Circuits and all out 8 Limb Attacks that will kick up the intensity to improve your overall striking performance. Dash has been calling out label executives such as Joie Manda, labelling them as "culture vultures. Flex has been with Hot 97 ever since, and currently airs nationally through syndication during weeknights and weekends.

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And no matter how hard you workout, how many sprints you do or how many rounds your spar, “You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet”!Eating the right food at the right time will allow you to train at your peak level, give you increased energy, help you to recover faster and increase your metabolism so you burn more fat faster than ever. I prepared for this day!So I went and got this ring. Mauris ultrices non diam a aliquet. Don't forget to visit us daily. to anyone willing to listen. Sorry for the sudden stop. He was later acquitted on all charges but before letting him go the police made him take a picture with them. The freestyles by busta rhymes, Fat Joe and Big Pun ("you make me sick to my stomach, you dont really want it, riffin like you sniffin coke to scare me but you barely blunted") are also great. What’s the song at the beginning and end of the vids?!!!and lil wayne and tech n9ne my 2 fav rappers damnn.

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If you want to support the artist or artists that recorded and released this music, please go and purchase their music. This program is so easy, my energy is incredible, and I feel great! Best thing I have ever done. Making foul *** comments about Faith. A year ago, I decided to survey thousands of Combat athletes asking them what barriers they were facing with strength and conditioning. If you have access to Prowlers, Sled, Plates and Cones, then you are in luck with these 4 workouts. In today’s world, such strong couples give me hope and restores my faith in marriage. And he took them and he was successful at it. Trails off to the end, so that I usually skip the last 6 or so tracks. Today I am going to show you how to fit your strength and conditioning workouts into your weekly funkmaster flex quiet storm schedule so you never have to miss another workout. This album has vast array of styles and sounds, that will cater to anybody that appreciates urban music.

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3, n*gga been corny everything she said was dead on. Nicki and Drake feeding d group money for cheap clothes and products. "He wrapped things up, noting that he meant "no disrespect" by his tweets. The highlight of this cd is worth buying the whole thing for, and that is the acapella Shook Ones blended with "WuTangClan aint Nothin to F**k With" The rest is pretty good. You are preparing for battle…literally. Shame on you Funkmaster Flex for endorsing this garbage. But June has not been a good month for 2 Chainz according to authorities he and his entourage was robbed at gun point in San Francisco. He has since customized several models for Ford. [Verse 1:]My mama said, never go out after the nineFuck that time, cause I had me a nineWatched a homie cook that zone in the kitchenThree fifty seven, with a nose like PippenI always asked, can I go to my granny house?It's easier to sell 'em bags out the canny houseI never had time for my bitch, cause I'm goneOut with the homies, so she think I'm doin' wrongShe say, be careful, cause they might hit you upI'm lookin' at this bitch, like I don't give a fuckBurn on my hip, yeah, the life of a thugAll my homies bang, I just wanna sell drugsMy homie locked up, puffin' nigga in the roomThe way this shit goin', shit, I might seem soonRubber grip, hollow tip, four four Mag'Brains outta pocket, make 'em look like it's red[Verse 2:]Got so many hoes on my dick nowThirsty, yeah, I'm the shit nowPlug said, thirty for a brick nowAll the cash in my pocket, can't fit nowBig chain, one ring, one watchFuck one, lick one, one watchWhen it come to pimpin', I'm a veteranAin't the most attractive, but I got hella bandsSee me in the club, that niggaWith at least two hoes, Jack TripperDick in her mouth, she gon' swallowShe gon' do anythin' for a bottleUh, now she losin'All this bread got her best friend choosin'Been starin' at me, no, they ain't coolBut I'm a really fuck her now, cause they ain't coolDark ass nigga, I don't give a fuckDog ass nigga, motherfucker roughGo hard, no pass and if you drive out here, you gettin' no gasThey like me, they like meI don't love 'em, I'm just actin', where's Spike Lee?Moral of the story is I got hoes, in different area codesAin't no rapper who could stifle thisI'm twice as triflin, as Satan's worst disciple isBetter get that through your head right quickBetter yet, you get your crew if the ?shred's by picks?Out of nowhere, cats with no fear, show fearTrust me after that, them cats ain't tryin to go therewhen the real dogs lock jaws to the deathI'm all up in the pits runnin hundred dollar betsHere to collect is the ironhead clad repIn the days, I waved heat at heatwave for half stepMy Boogie Nights in the hood be tight causemy goods be right, I Suge all Knight, twenty-four likeServin the raw type of smack-a-lakHavin these new jacks laid out flat, on they backWakin up askin what was that just hit emThis ironhead spittin on the Funk Flex rhythmKnahmean? It's your man King SunFunk Flex volume threeCause them other cats straight up pussyLet me find that.

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