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Archaeologists dating methods

Consider the fact that the Minoans on the island of Crete BC had flushing toilets with wooden seats and an overhead reservoir, but this technology was seemingly lost for a thousand years until re-developed in the 3rd century AD in Rome. In fact, scientists now know that the amount of C in the atmosphere has not been constant even in modern times. Antiquity When a cow eats grass, its body absorbs the carbon both 12C and 14C in the plant. The calibration curve is revised periodically as more data are continuously accumulated. The dating of rock art, in Rock art science. For the following important reasons we refuse to accept archaeological dates that contradict the Bible: No one can know unless it can be shown what it was like when it began and how rapidly it has changed since then! It is obvious that we are not talking about solid science here, such as the measure of the temperature of the air or the volume of a container or the speed of an automobile in a mile. It is commonly assumed that if the remains or elements to be dated are older than the human species, the disciplines which study them are sciences such geology or paleontology, among some others. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward" 1 Timothy 5: I consider this to be nearly preposterous. Google Scholar Rowe, M. Archaeologists dating methods

Archaeologists dating methods

Archaeologists dating methods

Archaeologists dating methods

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