Ending of a relationship 12 Clues Your Partner Wants To End Your Relationship

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Ending of a relationship

You Are No Longer A Priority "When a person stops having the time or desire to be with you, then you know that your relationship is on life support system, and that you might just have to be the one who has the guts to pull the plug," relationship coach and psychic medium Cindi Sansone-Braff, author of Why Good People Can't Leave Bad Relationships , tells Bustle. If you do not have the basics, it may be time to re-evaluate your wants and needs and discuss the next course of action with your partner, whether it be a compromise or termination. So here are 12 signs that your partner is thinking of ending your relationship , courtesy of relationship experts. In general, people want to know why they're being dumped. When ending a relationship, many people struggle with a lot of guilt. It may not change how they respond, but it will most certainly shape how you do. Realize that you will also need to adjust to your new situation. It might possible to be friends again down the road, but this is not the right time to consider this possibility. Email Address There was an error. Similarly, if you're in an LTR and you haven't been going out much, you might want to look into why that is so. Ending of a relationship

Ending of a relationship

Ending of a relationship

Ending of a relationship

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