How can you be a good kisser 13 Ways to Be a Better Kisser

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How can you be a good kisser

Good kissers can keep their tongue in check. Let's be honest, it's impossible to have an intimate relationship with another person if you also happen to cringe every time the two of you kiss. You can use your mouth to suck their lips or tongue lightly to change the pace and excite them. The art of kissing can be really fun. When it is bad though, it's something that you want to forget as soon as possible. Another place to kiss is the neck — it gives everyone a chance to breathe in a heavy makeout session and also keeps the energy going, as the neck is highly sensitive to your soft lips and tongue. But it does help to pack some lip balm in your bag if your lips are a dry, flaky mess in winter. No one wants to kiss cracked and dry lips. Tina B. You are in tune with the other person. Just little slips of it here and there. The technique is super important because it can make or break the kiss before the kissing even begins. Pray that they've read this article and know how to mirror. Avoid Stinky Foods Before A Kiss If you know that your chance to make out are very good, then skip the garlic, raw onions, and excessive coffee. How can you be a good kisser

How can you be a good kisser

How can you be a good kisser

How can you be a good kisser

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