Gta san andreas gun cheat code 'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' Cheat Codes

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Gta san andreas gun cheat code

You can take over these territories, and they only have one wave. Freight Train missions After you complete the game, you can roam anywhere. Increase driving skill Go to San Fierro and pass the tests at the driving school. Stand near it and press Start on controller two to begin. Vigilante missions bonus Steal any policy vehicle and press R3. All injured people that must be taken to the hospital will be in the crowded town. Additionally, completing missions is not the only way to earn respect. The easiest way to avoid derailment is go as fast as you can. Drive the roads without going as fast as you can move slowly. Enable the "Destroy all cars" code. You must have a second controller inserted in port two. Activate it after starting a new game if it does not work with your current saved game. Truck missions bonus Steal a truck and press R3. Gta san andreas gun cheat code

Gta san andreas gun cheat code

Gta san andreas gun cheat code

Gta san andreas gun cheat code

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