How to attract a cancer man How to attract a Cancer guy?

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5 Things a Cancer Does When They Have A Crush

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How to attract a cancer man

Wonder why he is so close to his mother? Kind of like an ice breaker. Always show a genuine interest in what he says, and once you've gained his trust, he'll open up. Cancerians do not appreciate one night stands and look out for a steady and stable relationship that lasts forever. He needs a woman to be open about her feelings towards him. Find out things from his childhood, and be interested in all kind of memories from back in his school days. I was a blushing mess. Let your eyes do the talking in silence and take him out for a quiet, candlelight dinner. You need to wear something that is chic, appropriate and classy; something that will not embarrass you or him. Invite Him to Dinner It's said the way to a Cancer man's heart is through his stomach and his family. He sees nothing wrong with a woman paying her way. How to attract a cancer man

How to attract a cancer man

How to attract a cancer man

How to attract a cancer man

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    Failures and setbacks can easily let them down. A friendly hug or peck on the cheek when you meet and gently touching his shoulder or hand when you're talking will endear you to a Cancer man.

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