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Incident by McDonald’s near Bluewater shopping centre sparks police response

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News shopper dartford

Whereas newsrooms in smaller towns might turn their eye on school fetes and local heroes, News Shopper produces a near-endless cycle of car crashes, paedophile convictions, muggings and drug busts. More from VICE: The writers and editors have gone to the same schools, ridden the same buses and got drunk at the same pubs. Local papers know what makes their readers tick on a much deeper level. Tech-savvy readers across the nation have been ditching their papers for screens and the sales of regional weekly and daily papers have been in steady decline for years. But, we are not only a news website, we produce tones of other non-news based material for our audience and we want to become the number one website in our region. We are even more determined to take action. Staff on the News Shopper titles started a two-day strike over pay, staffing, redundancies and a proposal to put 16 weeklies under a single group managing editor. News Shopper keeps its readers abreast of the goings-on in the areas it covers, which are the London boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley, as well as north Kent. Press Gazette spoke to some of the fastest growing titles to find out more about how they are achieving such rapid growth. Marc Reeves, publishing director Trinity Mirror Midlands, said: Our busiest and newsiest patches have just two reporters - and, in two areas, a single reporter - to cover everything from murder trials and council machinations to the human interest stories that people click on or pick up a paper for. The funny thing is that you can run stories that are, on the one side of it, gruesome, and on the other side very funny, but also very sad. News shopper dartford

News shopper dartford

News shopper dartford

News shopper dartford

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    Tech-savvy readers across the nation have been ditching their papers for screens and the sales of regional weekly and daily papers have been in steady decline for years.

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    The fact that we have to go on strike to get a London Living Wage for some of our colleagues and an office to work in is incredible. They spot what our audiences like and respond immediately to ensure what we're providing is the very best content presented in the most engaging ways we can.

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    Branded as the worst hospital in Britain at the time, reports of bed shortages, a deadly salmonella outbreak and a rising death toll shook the local community. Growing up in Thamesmead and Bexleyheath, two of the key areas the paper covers, News Shopper was ever present.

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