Things to pass the time at work 7 Ways To Pass Time At Work

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Ways to pass time doing "nothing" at work

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Things to pass the time at work

Most of us receive email newsletters we signed up for a long time ago but no longer read. Okay, shameless plug. Dehydration can make us tired and sluggish. Analyze what is right in you? But never fear. Start a trial with a tool that makes your life easier. Check out upcoming meetings and add ones that interest you to your calendar. It can be the annual company party, the summer picnic, or a recruiting event. This year, make an impression on your colleagues and clients by being ready with a Christmas card message or email card or present instead of scrambling -- or worse, neglecting to send anything at all. Not only time pass, but also provide feed to your brain and body to get into life without feelings overweighted. Putting down your thoughts on paper can also help you identify points of frustration that may lead you to take some constructive action. Sometimes legitimate mail goes into your spam folder but unless you check, you never know whether your long lost friend from college invited you to her baby shower. Things to pass the time at work

Things to pass the time at work

Things to pass the time at work

Things to pass the time at work

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    What are they feeling? Give a motivational lecture to your subordinate or colleges. But you can always get something accomplished that is unrelated to work.

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    Pretend that your coworkers are evil villains. Includes links to Amazon listings If you have a significant other, write a letter telling them why you love them.

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    Sometimes you have to go for it in life. Slow moments at work are a good time to stock up from the utility closet.

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    And take a colleague. Put them in a temporary folder and do them later, starting with a fresh inbox.

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