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Latinos Talk About Coming Out

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Homosexual latinos

The act, which is sponsored by my senator, Dick Durbin , creates a pathway to citizenship for undocumented youth who were brought to the US by their parents as children. We are a diverse group of people. I hear you say. Tellingly, a Gallup poll showed that opposition to gay rights is highest among people who believe they do not know anyone who is gay. As a Latina, I knew our culture was full of machismo, and being gay was the antithesis of that. In fields across the country, Latinos picking strawberries have few employment-related rights. This dual storytelling made a difference: In June, President Obama went some way towards this goal, by issuing an order, dubbed "Dream relief" that would allow young undocumented immigrants to put off the threat of deportation for two years, for work or study. Given that some Latinos might only know out members of their community from seeing them on TV unless they followed Chavela Vargas , a popular ranchera singer who died earlier this year , this really matters. In the US, we are scapegoats for everything — from the violence of the failed war on drugs to stealing jobs. Gay-affirming churches, such as the United Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches , are appealing because many congregations purposely strive to be ethnically and racially inclusive. The Dream Act movement engaged in storytelling to connect with allies outside its network. They also talked about their sexuality: Latinos are increasingly comfortable with negotiating their faith with their political views, whether it is about gay rights or abortion rights. The Catholic Church's position on homosexuality is based on a distinction between being lesbian or gay and acting on it, accepting the former while at the same time considering the latter to be wrong and sinful. I am dedicated to my own faith without feeling I needed to follow some of the more conservative teachings of the Catholic Church," said Demeo. I also believe that the decade-long fight for the Dream Act , which would provide conditional permanent residency to selected undocumented residents, has had an impact on how Latinos view LGBT rights. Homosexual latinos

Homosexual latinos

Homosexual latinos

Homosexual latinos

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  • Kazuru says:

    Members of a congregation, gay and straight, can also play an important role in educating the rest of the church and advocating for the acceptance of LGBTQ Latinxs. We do not share the exact same culture, but we do have a lot in common.

  • Tekinos says:

    We know discrimination and the injustice we live with is similar to the injustice our LGBT sisters and brothers live with.

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    Often, however, that distinction becomes blurred and the message that many Catholics hear is that merely being gay is sinful. In fields across the country, Latinos picking strawberries have few employment-related rights.

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    They spoke about how they are as American as someone born in Chicago, just without legal documents. I am dedicated to my own faith without feeling I needed to follow some of the more conservative teachings of the Catholic Church," said Demeo.

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