How to make indian khopa hairstyle Simple hair buns styles for saree

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How to Make a Bun Using a Hair Doughnut

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How to make indian khopa hairstyle

Comb your hairs to the back of the head and make two slim fishbone plaits with the hairs at the two sides. To get this hairstyle part your hairs as usual and collect the whole volume at one side of the head; now make an elongated bun at one side of the head and fix it just behind one ear with bobby pins. The adorn hairstyle with flowers and jewels make you look stylish and fashion. So, now you can feel free to showcase your traditional beauty with the spices of modernity. This will add a rest of your hair with the hair rolled back bun with and secured them with pins. The addition of the hair accessory encircling the bun makes it look absolutely gorgeous. Place the fishbone plaits from over the bun as shown in the picture, secure with bobby pins and you are done. This is to make sure that the bun does not fall apart. The bun should be placed not very low but not high as well. You can wrap the hair tightly if you want to go for a more formal look. How to make indian khopa hairstyle

How to make indian khopa hairstyle

How to make indian khopa hairstyle

How to make indian khopa hairstyle

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  • Akikree says:

    The addition of the flowers is optional. This low chignon bun can look gorgeous with any saree.

  • Shakakinos says:

    Take the hairs at the back and on the crown, do a back brush and make a bun at the nape of the neck creating a round puff at the back of the head.

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