Sign he wants to marry you 10 Signs He Wants to Marry You

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7 Signs He Wants to Marry You (Get excited!)

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Sign he wants to marry you

Are you looking for signs he wants to marry you? He is completely emotionally invested in you and wants you to know that he will always be there for you, for better or worse. Men often feel such a self-inflicted pressure to be successful. He starts wearing nicer clothes; he lays on more compliments, he has that puppy love look in his eyes. He tells you how lucky he is to have you. His gawking days are over. He keeps you informed, he keeps you in the loop, and he definitely doesn't leave you in the dark. He actually wants to share his space with you. Does it seem like the puzzle pieces in your life are lining up to this picture? You know where he is; you two know each other. He is thinking ahead. There is so much to be said about marriage. Approval from friends and family is something that he wants and he will introduce you to them and invite you to events with them just so they get to know you and will love you a much as he does. He may think that if he does not get the proposal totally right and make it into some grand romantic gesture that you will say no. He is excited by the idea of waking up and you being by his side forever. He starts trying to impress you all over again. Sign he wants to marry you

Sign he wants to marry you

Sign he wants to marry you

Sign he wants to marry you

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    Once a guy gets the feeling that you are okay by his friends and family he will often open up more emotionally to you and can find himself falling in love with you more easily. He does things with you he otherwise wouldn't be doing such as shopping, a tea party, or going to a feminine gathering that makes him uncomfortable. If you haven't met the important people in this person's life, then you probably are not close to marriage.

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