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Severaltrees were struck and fell near me across the road; somebranches fell from the tree I had chosen for my shelter, asthe tempest mingled with darkness, raged in madness; andnever was I so deeply impressed with the might of Him whorules the world and sways the elements. The secret to taking stock of your time to see how you are really spending your days. What else doth the education of children, and all learned professions tend unto? Certainly then it is that, which should be dear unto us also. Sometimes, you have 3 cards in hand and you know you will lose next turn if you don't get a lucky draw. Here, with thePsalmist, I could say, 'How love I thy law; it is mymeditation all the day. This indeed is the proof of God's presence in the mission, that theminister has that to say which the sinner cannot forget, that whichlingers in his way like an invisible spell. You reject the mysteriousdoctrine of the Trinity as inconsistent.

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