Tomato for face Benefits of Tomato Juice for Skin

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What Happens When You Cut a Fresh Tomato and Rub it on Your Skin For 2 Minutes!

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Tomato for face

Highlighted below is information on the benefits of tomato juice for the skin, along with tips for using it. Green Tea: Just cut a ripe tomato into two halves and rub the pulpy side over the face. Mix the pulp of one tomato with 2 tsps. Apply it on the face and wash it off after 15 minutes to get a smooth and glowing skin. Pop this onto your skin until it dries, before washing clean. Mix tomato juice with some buttermilk and apply to the skin allowing it to soak in the coolness of this magic concoction. This toner can be kept in the fridge for upto four days without going bad. The juice from citrus fruits works as an astringent. Rinse it off using cold water. Apply it on the face and massage gently in circular motion. Even if you have sunburn rashes, it will soothe the skin,reduce heat on the skin's surface and also even out the redness caused by sunburn. Oatmeal will gently exfoliate the skin, while yogurt and tomato will help to clear the blemishes. Relieves Skin Irritation The benefits of tomato juice for our skin include reducing itching, unusual redness, scaling and irritation symptoms. Tomato for face

Tomato for face

Tomato for face

Tomato for face

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