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Sexy long blonde hair

A healthy and well-cared hair is the dream of any woman. In fact, one of the best things about blonde hair is that there are so many variations of it that a shade to suit practically everyone can definitely be found in the vast blonde palette. Apply a hair thickening mousse to the roots of your hair, and blow dry using a round brush. Now wrap large sections of hair around a 2-inch curling iron to get subtle waves. Once your hair is completely dry, use a teasing comb to tease the top section of your hair for extra flair. Most blondes and redheads have tried it and appreciated its benefits. The next morning, take out the braids and use your fingers NOT a brush to separate and loosen up your waves. This look is seamless. Use a large round boar bristle brush to blow dry your hair. Pull your length over to the side and create a loose three-strand braid to achieve the look in this photo. Sexy long blonde hair

Sexy long blonde hair

Sexy long blonde hair

Sexy long blonde hair

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  • Moramar says:

    I would describe this look as a healthy ashy blonde.

  • Mikataur says:

    If needed, smooth over with a flat iron.

  • Tozshura says:

    Touch up any areas that need definition with a 1-in curling iron before combing out. Allow them to sit for 15 minutes to give the hair extra flow and volume.

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