What does the night king want Can the White Walkers on Game of Thrones be stopped – and what does the Night King want?

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Game of Thrones - What Do The White Walkers Want?

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What does the night king want

Why White Walkers are winning the war for Westeros If all of this sounds far-fetched, consider that the Targaryens — the "fire" in this Song of Ice and Fire — are said to have dragon's blood, share telepathic connections to dragons, and are immune to fire. Unless he is the Night King , which is a whole other can of worms. Death At a very basic level, the Night King could just be pure evil. He never wanted to be the Night King. What do the White Walkers want? Here's what we know so far about why the Night King is heading south of the wall, and what he wants to accomplish in GoT Season 8. He never wanted to be the Night King. Who are they? Regardless, while the White Walkers remain fascinatingly unknowable and hard to pin down, one thing is inarguable. Sometimes referred to as the army of the dead, it looks as though the Night King can turn dead humans to Wights as soon as they've been killed. Can 'Game of Thrones' truly come to a satisfying end? GoT showrunner D. Following this, a Stark named Brandon built the Wall and created the Night's Watch to ensure they'd never return. He's definitely a bigger prize for a villain that's greatest power is the mystery surrounding him. Then somehow, a figure called the Last Hero defeated the White Walkers, sending them back north — although the details of this defeat have always been sketchy. For Martin, "a villain is a hero of the other side. What does the night king want

What does the night king want

What does the night king want

What does the night king want

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    However in the first episode of the series, reports of the White Walkers reached Ned Stark and, soon, the rest of Westeros. Can 'Game of Thrones' truly come to a satisfying end? Similar tales even reach Sothoryos, the furthest continent of the known world.

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    A Season 3 scene demonstrated that White Walkers create more White Walkers by touching one of Craster's sons by an alter of sorts again, different from the undead Wights. Some might think the answer is simple: Life The Night King knows what he wants and how to get it.

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    What's his goal behind all of the violence and his trek south of The Wall? The White Walkers would chill out in the Land of Always Winter, if the humans left them alone and vowed never to use fire magic like dragonglass and Valyrian steel against them again.

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