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Castration pictures

Besides, the act of castration, both mythological and ritual, is naturally connected with other practices, beliefs, and doctrines that are all related in some way to sex and sexuality. But evidence of castration has also been found in other, different cultures that were never influenced by Semitic culture, which seems to rule out a hypothesis of diffusion. These facts about castration throughout history are both disturbing and interesting. In a different case in the Prose Edda, an ancient Germanic cosmogony, the "father of everything," a personal entity with creative power, is also called "the castrated" with no further explanation. Having a governing eunuch of Ravenna became a common aspect of Byzantine rule in the western half of the Mediterranean. Some sporadic cases of analogous priestly castration have been reported in Brahmanic India, particularly in the northern mountains, and also in Nepal and Tibet. If within the ecclesiastical and orthodox line virginity and chastity are recommended solely on the basis of motivations, such as the imitation of Christ or in anticipation of the kingdom of heaven, according to these doctrines sexual abstinence becomes a necessary condition of salvation and is based on ontological and protological motivations of the dualistic and Platonic mold. In some cases this asexuality resolves into a kind of symbolic bisexuality that aims to reproduce in the believer the powerful joint presence of both sexes that is found in certain androgynous primordial figures. The Hittite myth of Kumarbi contains even more similarities to Ouranos's story. Usually the castrated priests are connected with a powerful and fertile goddess, sometimes with astral characteristics, and at other times with the features of a goddess of animals, who is conventionally called Mother Goddess. According to some writers, the Greek father Origen third century ce and other ecclesiastic authorities castrated themselves in order to extinguish definitively any desire for sexual intercourse. Similar is the Egyptian myth of the mystical couple Isis and Osiris, but here the mythical castration apparently does not constitute a pattern of ritual action. Historical analysis, on the other hand, has indicated some parallel cases in cosmogonic myths of the ancient Near East. Castration is a custom found both in mythological tales and in ritual practices of peoples of various origins, cultural levels, and geographical locations. Mixing local information with Greek conceptions in a syncretic and euhemeristic way, Philo ascribes to the god El-Kronos an act of castration against his father. He declared himself to be the "Son of God" and was arrested several times before his death in Analogies exist also with the Navajo creation myth Dine Bahane , in which the First Woman gives birth to twins with her husband. Castration pictures

Castration pictures

Castration pictures

Castration pictures

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    Two basic events, emasculation and death, therefore mark the mythical personalities of these young gods but only problematically the concrete ritual castration of their followers and signify the depotentiation of divine life and its inevitable repercussions on the life of the cosmos, which seems to imitate the vicissitude of the divine body Casadio,

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