How to properly use pomade How To Use Pomade

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Men's Hair Tutorial - How to use pomade

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How to properly use pomade

Email Illustration by Ryan Inzana How much goop is too goopy? Make Guy Fieri Proud The first cut is the deepest and with pomade, the first touch is the most important. Just check the instructions on your product of choice. Will my hair ever look as awesome as Don Draper's? This will help prevent the pomade from clumping and will evenly distribute the product. Rub the pomade into your hands, then rake your fingers through your hair from the roots to the tips. Am I teasing or am I massaging? Our advice? To achieve this look, towel dry your hair and add your pomade of choice. Use as much pomade as is needed to keep the part in tact throughout the day. Then follow these steps to style your hair with pomade. For spikes, pull hair straight up with pinched fingers. If this happens, use a blow drier; hot air will melt any excess product. Once everything's awesome up front, take just a pinch of pomade and, starting at the top, wipe your hands down the back of your head. With both hands, start by rubbing the product into the roots of hair like you are working in shampoo. How to properly use pomade

How to properly use pomade

How to properly use pomade

How to properly use pomade

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    Too much water dilutes the product and hold while dry hair makes it harder to evenly distribute the pomade. Most water-based products can be touched up throughout the day. For slick backs or side parts, comb hair in one direction.

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