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! No more struggling with "counting calories" or guessing if you're eating correctly to gain muscle mass! I've teamed up with my friends at "Empowered Nutrition" to custom-design a complete "no-brainer" meal plan that tells you EXACTLY what, when, and even "how" to eat to build lean, shredded muscle! I can't make it any easier than that (short of coming over your house to cook every meal for you! NOT gonna happen my friend! ;-) The only drawback to these detailed meal plans (with complete, simple-to-prepare no nonsense muscle building download recipes) is that you'll no longer have any excuses for why you can't build muscle! Just follow this meal guide custom tailored to YOUR "body type" and calorie target and you're guaranteed to grow!. It also has a handy review of all the popular supplements so you will know which ones work and which ones are scams.

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And if I wasn't good at producing results, I wouldn't still be in business! (for over 7 years now)And not only am I confident this bodybuilding routine and training program gives you all the "insider secrets" needed to gain more rock-hard muscle, explode your strength, and lose more fat in 60 days time. This is where you are lifting weights to your maximum possible threshold to build muscle but then you continue to add more or to do more or to reduce recovery time. It takes your personal body building program by the hand and then walks gently and systematically until you fall into the rhythm of ultimate hypertrophy. Anabolic steroids were out of the question for me. To start living large inside and not in the gym today. .