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GTA: San Andreas Moon Bug

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Gta san andreas moon

Like all the vehicles in Grand Theft Auto, the semi-truck feels exactly like it should. To do this, you need to get a sniper rifle at night and then position yourself so that the moon is in the center of the scope. The camera settles down behind him and a reticle appears in the center of the screen. It's unknown whether Rockstar did it intentionally or if it was a bug. In Lester's home, there is a magazine that mentions an "Alien Moonbase. Start by going to the gym that is located in Los Venturas. It is now possible for CJ to lock on to opponent while wielding a weapon. There are all sorts of objects in San Andreas that you can now destroy; discarded milk crates, white picket fences, small to medium sized plants, outdoor furniture, anything that looks like you should be able to run it down with a big vehicle can probably be smashed. Covering a torturous, winding track down the side of Mount Chiliad at extremely high speeds, this downhill race is the ultimate in cycling tests. Plane physics have been reworked to allow for faster and more maneuverable planes like the Crop Duster which is a biplane with two wing surfaces to carve through the air, giving it much better handling. Gta san andreas moon

Gta san andreas moon

Gta san andreas moon

Gta san andreas moon

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