What can the iphone x do iPhone X: Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s best phone yet

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Should You Buy iPhone X in 2019?

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What can the iphone x do

Protections against masks and pictures are in place, and face data is stored in the secure enclave inside the A11 Bionic chip. Flip quickly between apps You should already know this trick, but you may have missed it during setup. Apple's aim with the iPhone X was to create an iPhone that's all display, blurring the line between physical object and experience. The 7-megapixel front camera supports Portrait mode and has auto image stabilization and exposure control. The left side of the device houses the standard mute switch and volume buttons, while the right side features an elongated side button that has expanded functionality to compensate for the removal of the Home button. Tapping any notification usually takes you straight to the relevant part of the relevant app, too, so it can be quicker than tapping on all those icons with notification badges. The dot map is read by an infrared camera and the structure of your face is relayed to the A11 Bionic processor in the device where it is transformed into a mathematical model. This is great for saving battery life. Editors' Recommendations. The 5. What can the iphone x do

What can the iphone x do

What can the iphone x do

What can the iphone x do

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