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In mid-January Esther was thrilled to receive an acceptance letter from Centre College, one of her fallback schools, in Kentucky. It is the subjunctive mood; there is no subjunctive "tense. They run through the worst case scenarios. She has spent money she should have been saving on makeup and clothes to make her feel better about herself. To spend several months in a pressure cooker like Newton North is to see what a girl can be — what any young person can be — when encouraged by committed teachers and by engaged parents who can give them wide-ranging opportunities. Be yourself. You just hope your kid has good priorities. You meet someone, especially on a college tour, adults ask you what you do. April 3, A front-page article on Sunday about the experiences of high-achieving high school girls in Newton, Mass. Advertisement Continue reading the main story On a springlike Sunday afternoon toward the end of winter, Esther could be found with her father, her two brothers and members of her youth group handing out food to homeless people on Boston Common. She had to fight for everything she has, no exceptions. The test-prep business is booming. She did not get her success handed to her. Perfect5 girls

Perfect5 girls

Perfect5 girls

Perfect5 girls

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    And, for all their accomplishments and ambitions, the amazing girls, as their teachers and classmates call them, are not immune to the third message:

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    Newton North has a student theater, winning athletic teams and dozens of after-school clubs ultimate Frisbee, mock trial, black leadership, Hispanic culture, Israeli dance. I feel better. About 2 p.

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    The family dog, a Jack Russell terrier named Bandit, was underfoot, trolling for affection. Amid all the competitiveness and consumerism, and the obsession with achievement in Newton, Ms.

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