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Free chaosmen videos

Outside help[ edit ] Receiving aid from an accomplice outside prison walls, including those who provide a ride to the inmate following their penetration, smuggle in contraband as visitors, use helicopters, among other methods. Some escapes involve one or more inmates taking over an entire unit or section of the prison, subduing guards, and stealing weapons or other objects they can use to their advantage. The following are methods that have commonly been used by prisoners in escapes. Even those who are allowed out of their cells at times still have plans that involve escape from their cells. In some cases, the staff are the source of the smuggling themselves. Escape from island prisons[ edit ] Escaping from an island prison brings another challenge of crossing the water to free land. Prisoners often destroy their containment with homemade tools, smuggled objects, or other contraband. Weaknesses that are found as prisoners escape are often corrected at numerous prisons around the world to prevent future escapes in a similar manner. These include those who depart for employment outside the facility or furloughs that allow time outside for periods of time. Methods include destruction of the cell or compound walls, squeezing through tight spaces, or entering off-limits areas. This can be done by construction of a makeshift raft or receiving outside help from the owner of a boat. Exploitation of corruption[ edit ] Taking advantage of intentional wrongdoing on part of prison staff. In the famed Alcatraz escape , a makeshift raft from raincoats was confirmed. Deception[ edit ] Deception may involve fooling one or more guards into believing the prisoner is authorized to depart prison grounds for a legitimate reason, or the prisoner disguising himself or herself as a worker or civilian who can exit prison grounds without arousing suspicion, or the creation of a ruse to mislead guards. Free chaosmen videos

Free chaosmen videos

Free chaosmen videos

Free chaosmen videos

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    In some escapes, inmates construct makeshift dummies to make guards believe they are in their cells, usually in bed, when they are not.

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