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Modern ways to drape a saree

The Draping style is very simple only instead of blouse have to wear the cape. This can lend a fancy touch. Everything is same but when you take the hold on pallu again, there comes the twist. Bring these pleats to back and tuck it there. Here is where you need to know which saree to pick for different occasions. Absolutely love the idea of draping a saree with a matching cape over it! Wear sarees in beautiful south indian style by following these basic steps- A 6 yard saree will do for this style. How to wear Pant style saree This is one of the into western style saree draping and here are the steps to drape a pant style saree in a quicker and easier way. We all love the neatly pinned pallu at the shoulder but to add that lil extra oomph what you can do is twist the pallu like you would twist a rope braid and get your saree to be the center of attraction! Try avoiding a heavy bordered saree and also a heavily embellished saree, these things only make you look bulky! Try out the drapes and stayed updated for our next blog which will be on saree drapes in more detailed version and more variation to one styled drape. Sure to grab a lot of eyeballs! From the left hand bring the drape around your waist from the back to the centre front tucking it in. One of the most popular attires for Indian women to adorn at a public appearance is a graceful saree. Modern ways to drape a saree

Modern ways to drape a saree

Modern ways to drape a saree

Modern ways to drape a saree

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