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Trapped in tv land

Aladdin was the hero of the Arabian Nights now? Weird Science had the boys explicitly thrown into a slasher movie and a soap opera, as well as into alternate universes modeled on The Twilight Zone and James Bond movies. This is the plot of an episode of Lexx in which the heroes are plopped onto a literal "TV world," where they mysteriously transported onto the set of a show and are "rated" on their performance in whatever TV show they land in. In a variation they go to an actual TV studio where the sister causes uproar on a talk show, Ms Wiz reads her own version of the news and Caroline does a guest spot on a drama. The Doctor's interference means that for the behavior of those parodies, Reality Ensues. Show parodies they visit: Caught in TV Land plays this trope quite literally. A few episodes detailed his life in a fifty's television sitcom, while is friends tried to get him out of a coma. It being Allen, the protagonist enters Madame Bovary and Portnoys Complaint just to fuck female characters -- though unbeknownst to him the texts change to reflect his intrusion. The Doctor Who story "The Mind Robber" features the Second Doctor and companions getting stuck in the Land of Fiction, where characters from every story ever written are real the Doctor Who Expanded Universe returns to the Land on a couple of occasions. He gets sucked into his own movies? A kids' puppet show reminiscent of Teletubbies. Trapped in tv land

Trapped in tv land

Trapped in tv land

Trapped in tv land

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    Spot Goes To Hollywood has the titular 7 Up mascot exploring levels based on movies.

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    Old Game example:

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    The Doctor's interference means that for the behavior of those parodies, Reality Ensues. In the end the machine malfunctions and drops him into a Spanish textbook.

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    Drakken and Shego are pulled into a dimensional vortex crossed with a TV cable signal. At the end of an episode of Clarissa Explains It All , Clarissa fakes this happening to her as part of a Zany Scheme to get revenge on her brother.

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