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Basic Uniform Information Part I

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Adult boy scout uniforms

Flags[ edit ] Every BSA unit is entitled to a flag, with a specific design for each type of unit. Having all scouts consistently uniformed for meetings and outings makes for a much better adventure. Scouter dress uniform[ edit ] The Scouter dress uniform is appropriate for professional Scouters and all Scouting leaders on formal occasions. The blazer's gold-plated buttons bear the universal emblem and an embroidered Cub Scout, Boy Scout or Venturing emblem is worn on the left pocket or lapel. After completing Wood Badge, the beads, neckerchief and woggle are presented and worn. The same is true for Order of the Arrow sashes. In , Congress banned civilians from wearing uniforms that were similar in appearance to those of the U. No more than seven devices may be placed on any one square knot emblem. The uniform described on subsequent pages is known as the Field Uniform. In , a major change was made when a two-color uniform having a tan shirt with olive green shorts or trousers was introduced. The knot is NOT the award, but rather an optional representation and recognition that the individual has received or earned a specific award. Only ONE sash is worn at a time. Neckwear on both uniforms includes the neckerchief and the bolo tie as selected by the unit. Wondering where a patch goes? The official policy of the BSA is that any uniform or uniform part which has ever been approved for use, is still acceptable. Adult boy scout uniforms

Adult boy scout uniforms

Adult boy scout uniforms

Adult boy scout uniforms

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    The yellow blouse, though, is less common since it has been discontinued for years. There is no required ordering of badges. We wear the uniform to associate ourselves with the principles to which we are committed - character development, citizenship training, and physical and mental fitness.

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    They are prized by Scouting memorabilia collectors from around the country. Belt—Official green web belt with metal buckle, plain leather belt, or scout leather belt with scout belt buckle.

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