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The Life and Times of Richard Wright (1 of 2)

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Black boy chapter 13 summary

People including Olin and Mrs. There are no public library facilities available to black people, so Wright has to find a white person who is willing to break the rules for him. Cite This Page Choose citation style: He argues to himself that the white South, and his own family, conforming to the dictates of whites, have not let him develop more than a portion of his personality. He can't use the library , because obviously books are dangerous weapons in the hands of black people. He feels "vaguely guilty" about this, especially when his white coworkers see a change in him. Yet its presence is always felt and it accounts for the Blues-like quality of the book. When his brother finds a job, they begin saving to move north. Wright seems to have wanted a different and better life long before he discovered Mencken and the other writers he read in Memphis. He smartly hides the purpose behind his reading, assuring that neither white nor black society can interfere with his plans. Post navigation. Richard continues his reflections. Up until now, the reader has picked up only distant strains of nostalgia and affection for the South. Black boy chapter 13 summary

Black boy chapter 13 summary

Black boy chapter 13 summary

Black boy chapter 13 summary

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