Cell phone sar levels 2015 Top 10 highest and lowest radiation cell phones

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Cell phone sar levels 2015

Specific Absorption Rate SAR compliance testing uses a standardized model of the human head and body. The list provides the maximum possible SAR level from the cell phone many cell phones have differing SAR levels depending on where and how the cell phone is used. There are a few reasons why. As such the SAR value limits ensure that a phone does not exceed maximum permissible exposure levels. You may be talking on your phone and absorbing radiation while your body is also absorbing the radiofrequency but at a different rate. Cell phone companies require a minimum separation distance of between 5 and 15 mm for regulatory approval. A robotic probe takes a series of measurements of the electric field within the SAM head and torso to calculate the SAR. Does not consider women, children or prenatal exposure The lower the SAR, the less the user is exposed to thermal levels of microwave radiation. This post points out several shortcomings of the general acceptance of safety guidelines being thermally based and not addressing actual microwave radiation exposure at below thermal levels. For the body the SAR is a little different, usually a bit lower. In fact, alongside Nokia, Samsung handsets feature prominently, with five of the smartphones on this ranking coming from the South Korean company. By testing mobile phones only when at a distance from the body, the FCC may not be identifying the maximum exposure, since some users may hold a mobile phone directly against the body while in use. We also suggest the use of a Pong cell phone case to assist in reducing radiation exposure. Cell phone sar levels 2015

Cell phone sar levels 2015

Cell phone sar levels 2015

Cell phone sar levels 2015

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