How to make tie dye sugar cookies Rainbow Tie-dye Cookies

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How to make tie dye sugar cookies

You must soften your butter on the counter over time. Add the sugar and beat on high until incorporated. On a floured counter, knead the dough times until smooth. She thought that I did it on purpose just for her. Pinch off pieces of the dough and form a loose log shape on a piece of parchment paper. Add egg and vanilla and mix. Since this was not really a themed event, like St. I love it because the cookies hold their shape in the oven! Fit a Wilton 4 or small round tip on a disposable piping bag then fill with royal icing. Add more water if needed Make sure not to completely cover the icing with color you want to leave some white to show through. Paint the dye in tie dye shirt like patterns. Use your imagination! Squish each dough until the desired color is reached. Roll up the cookies in the parchment to form a log. How to make tie dye sugar cookies

How to make tie dye sugar cookies

How to make tie dye sugar cookies

How to make tie dye sugar cookies

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