How to draw hot chocolate How to Draw Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

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How to Draw Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows - Cartoon Food

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How to draw hot chocolate

One line should be smaller than the other. Then, draw short curved lines beneath each marshmallow to indicate ripples in the liquid. Learn to draw a complete winter scene using our winter scenery , snowman , and snowflake drawing guides. Then, band the cup with parallel, diagonal curved lines, creating decorative stripes. This will form the open top of the cup. This line should extend downward, flattening, and forming the cup itself. For each marshmallow, enclose a small, irregular rounded shape. Begin by drawing an oval. We hope our how to draw hot chocolate drawing for kids lessons and videos will help your kids to learn to draw in a fun and interactive away. And you know what, Drawing is the single most accessible form of art available. This indicates the liquid held in the cup. Many people enjoy hot chocolate the most when it is cold outside. Give the cup a handle. Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial. Maybe these teddy bear drawing lessons for kids just might make your child discover something about themselves too. Next, draw marshmallows floating in the hot cocoa. All you need to begin with , is a pencil and a sheet of paper! How to draw hot chocolate

How to draw hot chocolate

How to draw hot chocolate

How to draw hot chocolate

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