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Girls phnom penh

The young ladies know the city and will gladly help with translation services. Renou would ask me which particular item I liked and then went up to bargain in Khmer with the stall holder. Those who do are judged harshly. First stop was the night market near the river where she helped me bargain for a better price on some t shirts than I ever could. You want to feel the wind in your hair and weave through all those tuktuks and cars! The motogirl tours included some really interesting local places that I never would have had the chance to see if not on this tour. The following day we took the city tour. After settling upon a price I would be singalled and step in to give the final verdict. The guides were not just guides but fun to hang out with as we were taken around to see the sites. So I chose both the day adventure tour and night city tour. Launched in December by year-old Chea Renou, the all-female tour company offers guided trips around the city, stopping off at attractions such as the National Museum, Independence Monument and markets. I was delighted with the time and effort that Renou and her team put into designing my tour — they even went out to check out a lot of places for me before I arrived. After hitting an ATM spending more than planned we hit Aeon Mall for some surprisingly good value clothing. I completed a very long tour 10 hours but I had a fantastic day and really enjoyed the experience. At least they took almost as many pictures as I did. Girls phnom penh

Girls phnom penh

Girls phnom penh

Girls phnom penh

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  • Mokree says:

    This was the first time I had been to Asia.

  • Akile says:

    And I did get the impression that the two had as much fun driving me arround as I had being driven around. England News. I ended up doing both the day city and the day adventure tour.

  • Faell says:

    After settling upon a price I would be singalled and step in to give the final verdict. It was a bit noisy off the street but the food was amazing and so was the price.

  • Mimi says:

    The concept is simple: I thank Renou and her exceptional guides for a great experience that I will never forget. The girls put together a really interesting program including a silk workshop, riding a horse cart and visiting a nice cambodian house of a famous cambodian architekt.

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